What Our Patients Think About Us

Post Surgery Recovery!
"Pre and Postoperative, my ankle was weak. Homestead PT helped me recover from my surgery and become stronger than before. I am confident in my ankle's abilities and feel ready to return to activities I enjoyed." -KG
Homestead Feels Like Home!
"I love you guys. The whole crew here is so kind, friendly, and helpful. When I was having a high pain day, Kelly was so understanding and went easy on me. When I was feeling good she pushed me just enough... They made sure I knew everything well enough to keep up with it at home. I have full mobility back now with their help. Homestead has changed my life. Homestead feels like home when you're here" -MC
With a Laugh!
"I happily report major reduction in lower-back and pelvic malaise. Her system actually works, and her warm personality makes the process enjoyable- even FUN! The fun comes from her wonderful sense of humor- and enthusiasm for helping people. In short, I enthusiastically support LuAnns approach, which emphasises workouts with simple supplies and focused knowledge on how to loosen up problem joints and reset alignments. Absolutely, I plan to return to Homestead PT for adjustments" - JL
Chores are Fun Again!
"On my first visit I could barely move my arm. I had a hard time doing my chores and drying my hair. But, by about my 3rd visit I was doing so much better. LuAnn knew exactly how to get me back to little or no pain! I will always recommend Homestead." -AM
Back to Bolder!
"For years I've walked, participating in the Bolder Boulder 10k many times, not realizing I had a slight limp. Following hip replacement, the limp became very pronounced-- discouraging to someone who likes to walk. What a blessing to be told, "We can help you and you'll walk normally again." It took many sessions plus faithfully doing the prescribed exercises at home with the result that I was able to return to doing the Bolder Boulder!" - LR
All is Right!
"I came to Homestead with my whole body crooked! I couldn't get comfortable sitting or walking. LuAnn explained just what was going on... Within a month I was straight! Thanks to everyone at Homestead. This is my 3rd time here, and they go the extra mile to help whatever ails you" -GC
Back to Gardening!
"I am so very impressed with the loving care I received here. All the folks are very well trained and caring. I have and will always recommend Homestead to everyone." -LJ
Baby Archie!
"After having her baby, Amelia came to the clinic to show off "The product of Diane's prenatal induction massage". Just two short hours after the massage, little Archer made his way into the world!
Work isn't Work Anymore!
"I was rehabilitated after I had a hip joint replaced. My experience was very positive and productive. The therapists are very knowledgeable, and are very good at getting the best effort out of their clients. I also had therapy four years ago for replacement on both knees. I was very pleased with the treatment I received then, which is why I wanted to come back at this time for the hip rehab. I have a physically demanding job, and I was able to return to it with no problem at all" - RG
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